There are times when a repair is appropriate, and there are times when a rebuild makes more sense. Sometimes, a repair does not address the underlying issue and the item can break down again. A circuit board repair is an example. Experienced technicians will break it down to its simplest components and will check for wear and heat damage. Aging capacitors are also taken into consideration. The end result should be a circuit board that operates optimally for a long period of time.

Here are three repair vs. rebuild considerations.

Reset the Clock

The best argument for choosing a rebuild over a repair is that a rebuild resets the clock. In order to save time, costs and unexpected surprises, sometimes, it is better to start to over than to place a band-aid. Leaky faucets, ill-operating toilets and slow computers benefit from a rebuild. Instead of re-tightening some bolts, re-screwing others or re-booting your computer every few hours, consider a route that will lead to a more permanent solution. Repairs can lead to more expensive fixes later because they are not addressing the true issue while placing stress on other parts.


When you opt for a repair, you are fixing something on an incremental scale. This makes sense if you are on a tight budget or you are hoping that the issue will not get worse. Re-tightening your faucet’s screws and pipes may help the faucet last until you can replace the unit in its entirety. Sometimes, you need a bridge in order to get to your next paycheck, so you take out a payday advance loan. It happens. Rebuilds do require an all or nothing budget, but their payout is freedom for the incremental repairs. Here, you are faced with a choice and the realities of your budget.

What You Can Accept

Your budget may be the ultimate deciding factor in whether you choose to go with a repair or a rebuild, and when the economy is not too hot, understandable. You also have to live with your choice and what you can accept. If your budget is tight, but the drippy faucet is starting to affect the quality of your sleep, it may be time to consider finding alternative funding.

When choosing between a repair or rebuild, consider whether or not it resets the clock, costs and what you are willing to accept.