Amazon Prime Music Android TV

In the last few years, Amazon has been actively pushing its ecosystem of services in the interest of a wider adoption. The Echo smart speakers were an effort of pushing their voice assistant Alexa into homes and making people get habituated to 24×7 voice assistant that would help them control their homes as well as search for products on their e-commerce platform. Lately, with the advent of Amazon Prime Video and Music, people are treated to an entertainment platform with quality content on demand. Sadly, Prime Video hasn’t made it to the Android TV platform, but its music counterpart has just done.

Amazon has officially rolled out the Prime Music app for the Android TV platform. The app is listed on the Google Play Store and those with the Prime subscription can download the app on their smart TVs running Android TV. Similar to the app for Android and iOS, the Android TV app also brings a curated collection of 50 million songs to Prime users. Amazon Prime Music subscribers get an unlimited access to ad-free music with high-quality streaming.

The Android TV app gets a slight change in the user interface. The app makes use of the big display sizes with large album art thumbnails. The layout has been optimised to help users navigate around easily using the remote controllers. The home page keeps showing all the trending playlists and other curated lists of songs based on the user’s preferences.

In order to enjoy Amazon Prime Music on your Android TV, users should ensure that they have a reliable Internet connectivity. Additionally, they should ensure that the internal storage has enough space for installing the app and storing the downloaded tracks. Yes, Prime Music for Android TV will also allow downloading tracks for offline listening (although we are wondering why someone would need to download a track on an always connected). For an enhanced listening experience, one should connect high-quality multi-channel speakers or soundbars.