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Choose From a Variety of Stickers

There are all types, sizes, colors, materials, and specially-made logo and graphic eye-catching stickers that will fulfill your needs, whether you are a small work-from-home business, a large corporation, a food brand, an industrial manufacturer, a chemical producer, a non-profit organization, an artist, or any entity that wants the value of this form of advertising […]

Bio based lubricants for industrial cutting

In the realm of machine cutting, proper lubricant of the cutting tool has always been vital to proper operation. A car running without oil will quickly overheat and metal parts will break or warp. The same principle applies to industrial saws and dies. The friction caused by metal to metal movement produces an inordinate amount […]

Apparel Designed for Discreet Protection

Most states now allow some form of conceal and carry for gun owners. When you want to exercise your Second Amendment right, you may not want to openly advertise the fact that you have a handgun with you. You need some type of apparel that will help you conceal your weapon but always be at […]

Reclaiming cotton textiles for alternate uses

When people think of recycling, many think of metals, cardboard or paper. Others think of glass and plastic containers. These may be the more popular materials in the recycling industry, but other items are now being reused for alternate purposes. Textile waste accounts for up to five percent of the nation’s landfill volume. Less than […]