Operating a service station that provides auto repair means the likelihood of having an auto lift on the premises. They are considered a safe piece of equipment but they do need to be checked each day for problems and whether it is in good enough shape to use.

Is the Lift ANSI Compliant?

The American National Standards Institute determines of manufacturers have constructed automobile lifts in accordance with standards set by the industry for safety and dependability. You should only purchase and use lifts that carry this designation. Anything less could be a setup for a disaster at some point. Lifts built with cheaper materials and time-saving construction will fail at some point. This can jeopardize safety and property.

Check for Hydraulic Leaks and Damage

Broken parts, visual cracks, running hydraulic fluid and pooled of this liquid on the floor can all be a sign that the lift has been damaged. Discontinue use until it can be looked at by a professional repair technician. Rope it off and make all employees aware that it is not to be used for the moment.

Is the Lift Firmly Attached to the Floor?

The lift should be firmly bolted to the floor of the work area. If there is a noticeable wobble, play, sheared bolts, or instability, shut the use of the lift down until a repair can be made. Safety needs to be a priority.

Distribute Weight Properly

There are a variety of ways that different brand lifts work, but you have to be extra cautious with the type that requires the operator to judge the weight. One slight miscalculation can send the car and lift crashing down. Only allow the more seasoned employees to handle this job.

Train Everyone In Safe Lift Use

Everyone at your station should be somewhat familiar with lift operation. It will come in handy if there were ever an emergency. Take the time to highly train anyone that will be working with the lift on a daily basis. Show them how to do the routine maintenance and care of this important piece of equipment.

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