All through the day, we breathe in and out unconsciously without even giving it a thought. But, there are scientists out there who have devoted their life thinking about the depleting air quality and designing appliances that make it better and safer for breathing.

Like outdoor pollution, indoor pollution has also turned out to be an issue that is omnipresent today. Many homeowners have been making efforts to contain it by installing an air purifier to ensure that the air they breathe in is free of pollutants and will not make them sick.

The rising level of indoor pollution has resulted in enhancing the popularity of air purifiers. It is expected that by 2021, the global air purifiers market will cross $29 billion. Besides the rising indoor pollution levels, it is the growing health consciousness among people, the improving economic scenario and the increasing disposable income that is aiding the popularity of air purifiers.

Air Purifiers of the Future

These days, air purifiers with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are very popular. This is because they have the potential and capability to remove 99.97% of the airborne contaminants like pet dander, dust, mite, debris, pollen, mould and microorganisms. In fact, it removes all those contaminants very effectively that make our body’s natural defence system more vulnerable to airborne diseases.

A few years ago, there was an air purifier concept with the speculation that there would be a technology wherein an air purifier can be fitted in a window to constantly measure the quality of indoor and outdoor air. If the device detects that outdoor air is better, then it would allow it to enter inside. In case it is found to be poorer, then the smart sensor in it would start the purifying action and begin cleaning the indoor air. This type of air purifier was supposed to make the expensive HEPA filters to last longer because they would be working only when required. However, this concept is yet to be realized. If it becomes a reality, the air purification technology is likely to drastically change in future.

The Future Air Purification Market

If you see the future market of air purification, it will rise at a steep curve in emerging and developing economies. In the advanced economies of the world, it will show a modest increase. Right now, the global air purifiers market is dominated by the US and it is anticipated that it will maintain its dominance for another two years or so after which there is a high probability that the dominance will shift to the Asia-Pacific region. Two big and developing economies India and China are expected to become a huge market for air purifiers by 2021. This will happen because the pollution levels are increasing enormously in the region and the higher disposable incomes and increasing health awareness will motivate people to invest in these appliances.

As of now, both the future of technology and the market for the air purifiers look positive and promising. The rising pollution levels will motivate more and more players to enter the market and come out with innovative and technologically advanced smart products.