Voice over Internet protocol or VoIP can save your small business a lot of money on its phone bill. A good VoIP service leads to fewer dropped calls, easier access to voice mail for your employees, and a phone system that is generally a lot eaiser to manage. However, you still need to know how to properly implement VoIP for your business. This generally calls for hiring a good IT support company that specializes in implementing VoIP, but there are still a couple of things you should do as the business owner.

Install A Second Internet Connection

While you can certainly use your main Internet connection for your VoIP, you will have a lot more stability if you install a second connection instead. Think of this second connection as a backup in case you lose service in the first one. Both of your Internet connections should come from different companies and have different connection mediums. The idea that if you do lose one of your connections, the other one – which is running independently of the first – will kick in and make sure that you don’t lose your phone service.

Prepare Your Network for Your VoIP

The voice traffic that will come from implementing a VoIP system will put a strain on your network, even if you have a backup Internet connection. If your network cannot handle the additional traffic, you will have to contend with an audio delay during phone conversations, dropped calls, and all kinds of other problems that will cause a headache for your employees and your clients.

For best results, your voice traffic should take priority over your data traffic. This is known as Quality of Service, and it will lead to fewer dropped calls over your network.

In order to make sure that your network can handle VoIP, you will need to run some performance tests. If your business is large enough to have its own IT department, they should be able to take care of this. If not, you can always outsource the performance tests to another IT company. There are plenty that will be able to help you at an affordable price, so look around and see if there is one that will work for you.