Image result for Kolkata Professor Compares Virgin Girl With A Sealed Cold-Drink Bottle In An Outrageous FB Post

The sensitivity and importance of topics like feminism and women empowerment in the country are, presently at its peak. In such a crucial scenario, making any senseless and offending statement about a woman is nothing less than asking for trouble. But the rise of feminism in our country seems to be going hand in hand with the rising anti-feminists. Search for a feminist and you would instead find n number of anti-feminists standing tall with their opinions.

A recent example of such an opinion framed under the banner of ‘Value oriented social counseling’ comes from a professor in the Javadpur University of Kolkata. Kanak Sarkar is already an internet sensation, thanks to the series of Facebook posts that he has been posting since months under his ‘social research’.

The latest (now-deleted) post by the professor was, however, all sorts of heights! Comparing a virgin girl to a sealed cold drink bottle and a packet of biscuits, he asked his followers if you would buy a seal broken packet of biscuits or cold drink, then why not a virgin wife? The doctorate professor has earlier wrote that ‘virginity is dignity’. He also mentioned in one of his posts that ‘a virgin wife is an angel’.

According to Sarkar, ‘a virgin girl means many things accompanied with values, culture, and sexual hygiene’.

While Sarkar has deleted most of his post after receiving flak from social media, the screenshots of his misogynist posts are already viral. Following which he has also posted a long message justifying his views and opinions. Sarkar claimed that the views he has posted were a part of his ‘social research’. He also said that he was just practicing his ‘right to express on social media’.

And we only hope that the professor was as serious about women empowerment and feminism as he is for his ‘right to express’! Rest in peace, logic!