When people think of recycling, many think of metals, cardboard or paper. Others think of glass and plastic containers. These may be the more popular materials in the recycling industry, but other items are now being reused for alternate purposes.

Textile waste accounts for up to five percent of the nation’s landfill volume. Less than 15 percent of textile waste is recycled. Not only does textile waste create volume in a landfill, the decomposition of natural fibers emits CO2 gasses. Synthetic fibers do not decompose naturally.

There are now companies seeking to reduce the landfill waste by seeking out waste fibers for reclamation and alternative uses. Nearly everyone has taken an old article of clothing and used it as a wiping material, whether to wash the family car or to clean household spills. But there are now companies that take the concept to a commercial or industrial level.

These companies seek out discarded textile scrap materials and convert them into cleaning products. The newly converted wholesale wiping rags are soft, absorbent and in some cases, machine washable for multiple uses. They are packaged and sold to companies at wholesale prices. Most of the materials sold are highly absorbent. Many of them, such as terry cloth and flannel are non abrasive, an important consideration in cleaning polished surfaces or other materials prone to scratching.

The benefits of purchasing reclaimed wiping rags are several:

• It reduces landfill waste;
• It reduces greenhouse emissions by avoiding natural decomposition;
• It reduces energy in the production of non-reclaimed cleaning materials;
• Industrial wiping rags can be purchased at wholesale prices.

As with choosing any company, price is only one factor to consider. Buyers also look for a reliable supply chain from factory to consumer. Material product selection should be varied to meet the needs of the customer. Delivery must be prompt. Though a relatively new industry, there are companies in the field with more than 20 years of service. These companies have built relationships with customers for several decades and have established a proven track record of quality service.