TNN | December 04, 2016
Simple remedies to battle sinus

1/8Simple remedies to battle sinus
Constantly battling a sinus problem and desperate for relief? Here are some remedies that might help you.
Have plenty of fluids

2/8Have plenty of fluids
The body requires plenty of liquids to increase its moisture levels, so make sure you drink a lot of fluids — go for nutrient-rich vegetable and fruit juices.
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Just relax

3/8Just relax
Rest and relaxation is important. So, forget worrying for once and just curl up in bed.
Honey and lemon juice

4/8Honey and lemon juice
Take a teaspoon of honey — it is a natural antiseptic — and the juice of half a lemon, a natural source of Vitamin C. Dissolve it in warm water and drink. Opt for herbal leaf tea or green tea as an alternative to normal tea.
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Have chicken soup

5/8Have chicken soup
Chicken soup is believed to be a good food for colds — it’s an age-old belief that holds true.