There are a number of things home and business owners worry about. One is fire. The other is theft. Though tragic, items can be recovered and property can be rebuilt.

The other thing they worry about is broken pipes. Be it sewer or water, broken pipes can do serious damage. This is to the property and surrounding area. And this can mean thousands of dollars in repairs and renovation.

Unless you troubleshoot when the first signs appear. Then, repairs can occur to mitigate the damage. You don’t have to be a licensed plumber to handle this diagnosis. What is needed are your eyes, nose, and some smoke.

Detecting sewer pipe damage is a bit easier. You will most likely see it in the form of continuously clogged drains which a rotten odor. If you reside in a warmer climate where pipes can’t be buried as deep, you may detect soggy spots in grassy areas.

For water leaks, you may not detect anything physical. It may not even manifest as damp areas. Where it may be noticed is when you receive a larger utility bill.

So, if any of this happens, the next thing to do is detect where the leaks are. This is where a smoke pump tester comes in handy. Purchased at locations like Hurco Technologies, these machines push non-toxic smoke through the lines. As more of it goes through and permeates all areas, the smoke begins to rise.

The result is a seepage of smoke from the damaged area of the pipe. You will have to carefully monitor this situation. There could be more than one area where the smoke rises. Depending on the property area, you may want to check manholes and sewers.

Once you have determined there is a leak, then you need to call someone in. Don’t do this with shaking fingers. The cost may be far less than you think. This is thanks to trenchless pipe repair. Here, broken pipes are either relined with an epoxy or shattered as a new piece is pushed through.

Regardless of the procedure and the damage, get quotes for service and the warranties they offer. A cheap repair without a guarantee may cost more later than a higher cost, full-warranty repair today.